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Very pretty dressage performance.

Wish I could ride like that.
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Wow. After watching the NO Saints loose for so many years its hard to imagine them with a winning season much less then being in a conference championship game. I remember the bag years.

There would be something ironic about the Saints playing against Peyton Manning (Indy) in the Super Bowl. I doubt it will happen but it would give the announcers something to talk about.

(Note for the non Saints fans: Peyton Manning's father, Archie, was quarterback for the Saints for many losing seasons)

Go sAints
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One of my 2007 personal goals is to be more proactive and less reactive.

To that end, I've booked my calendar from 9-10am every morning to plan the day and review/respond email that came in over night. I'm sure that won't happen every day and I should probably book time in the afternoon but for now it's a start.

Additionally, I'm trying to be better at email management. I say this as I'm cleaning out/archiving the 3K emails in my Inbox. I currently have a 2gig email archive for the record.
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I need to organize a work party/outing to celebrate the completion of a large project. The group will probably be 10-15 people and I can budget approximately 50-75/pp. Preferably something in the Waltham area but open to a larger radius. Any ideas?
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Good information. Alot of it I knew but don't always follow.

How to Get Answers to 5 Key Questions Before Taking a Job
By Margaret Steen

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I escaped from the Dungeon of Crosslet!

I killed Dauphin1974 the goblin and Parsedgarnish the zombie.

I looted the Sceptre of Medieval, the Armour of Leatherbydanny, the Axe of Master Mr, the Dagger of Bubbette, a Figurine of Darthluna, the Crown of Mylisant, the Shield of Peregrine58, the Dagger of Reading, the Crown of Jdulac, a Figurine of Bryttan and 90 gold pieces.

Score: 365

Explore the Dungeon of Crosslet and try to beat this score,
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One year ago you arrived and completely changed our lives. I'm sure more changes are to come. Happy Birthday little one!
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I think I need a minion at work! Are we need better tracking tools that don't involved transfering numbers from spreadsheets to spreadsheets.
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I agee with the horse

Thats gotta hurt

[ profile] profesor - I think you'd like this one

Robo Kitty

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On the way home from the barn last night I saw a gas station with unleaded gasoline at $1.96 per gallon. I was so amazed I called mzkero.
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Work has been better. Its 8:30 and I 've already had 4 phone calls with the UK. The nuttiness has become manageable for now. My support is all based in the UK but the client staff that I work with is in the US. This as you can image adds complexity and long days. Its hard to be manage your resource who is good but scattered and sits 3000 miles away. Unfortunately the UK folks think that by 5:30 you need to be leaving for the pub. While this sounds good in principal, it’s a royal pain in the butt for me. But I guess it's time to add another global program and account management bullet on my resume.

On a good new front, Mom's lung CT scan was clear. I am definitely relieved. My review of lung cancer survival rates was not encouraging. The interesting thing is she didn't have any symptoms. The only reason she asked to be tested was after hearing about Peter Jennings. She still has emphysema but at least that’s manageable for now.

Julian is doing better with the rash but having settling issues. Everything is fascinating and doesn't want to fall asleep when he needs too. I'm sure this will pass and reoccur but it’s really nice to have [ profile] mzkero and him home.

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Julian is 3 months old today.


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New Orleans, 2:15 p.m.

Returning from a fact-finding expedition from the newspaper's Howard Avenue headquarters, a group of reporters and photographers stumbled on a parade of looters streaming from Coleman's Retail Store, located at 4001 Earhart Blvd., about two blocks away from The Times-Picayune offices.

The looters, who were men and women who appeared to be in their early teens to mid-40s, braved a steady rain and infrequent tropical storm wind gusts to tote boxes of clothing and shoes from the store. Some had garbage bags stuffed with goods. Others lugged wardrobe-sized boxes or carried them on their heads.

The line going to and from the store along Earhart Boulevard numbered into the dozens and appeared to be growing.

Some looters were seen smiling and greeting each other with pleasantries as they passed. Another group was seen riding in the back of a pickup truck, honking the horn and cheering.

The scene also attracted a handful of curious bystanders, who left the safety of their homes to watch the heist.

No police were present in the area, which is flooded heavily with standing water two to four feet deep on all sides of Earhart Blvd.
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My mother lives just outside of Lafayette, LA and they appear to have missed most of the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The family appears to all be safe. We have friends west of the city in Luling that we haven't heard from yet. I assume M and K weren't silly enough to ride it out. My sister lives in New Orleans (Metairie actually). She told me the drive to Lafayette (which is just over 100 miles) took over 9 hours and included detours on parish roads through sugar cane fields. They aren't sure when they'll be able to head back into the city. The heat index is expected to be over 110 degrees again tomorrow and probably no electricity in the New Orleans area. I have visions of snakes, neutrea (RUS's), big ass mosquitoes, and tons of mud as part of the clean up. Good luck New Orleans.
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It’s a beautiful sunny day.
It’s in the upper 70's, low humidity, there's a hint of breeze.

I'd love to be on a long trail ride doing some cross country jumping on Gaelen. Instead I'm in my office, freezing because the AC is turned up way too high, getting to look at the beautiful day outside my window.

Well at least G is definitely on the mend and I hope to do some trial riding this fall. (Not too sure about the jumping this fall) Damn Lyme and faulty test results.
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Trying to schedule a meeting a one hour weekly meeting with 7 people (3 in UK and 4 in the US) is maddening. Essentially I have a 4.5 hour window. All of us have amazingly meeting ladden schedules. And some have alternating meeting times (every other week, we cancelled these two because we're on holday, etc.) It shouldn't take a freaking data mining routine to find a meeting time!!!!!!!!!!

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Normally, Julian's not to bad with the bottle. Frequently we manage to get in 3+oz via the bottle. We practice bottle feeding once a day. Yesterday after about 1.5 oz he decided ENOUGH. And enough was enough and he was decidedly vocal about it. Unfortunately, I didn't listen too well - or let's say we weren't speaking the same language. He'd take 2 sips and started wailing every time I put the bottle in his mouth. It had to be because he was still hungry and just wanted the breast and not the bottle - right?. NOT! I must have been channeling my mother.

Bottle feeding calves is SOOOOO much easier. They're always hungry.

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You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink


You can give a baby a bottle, but that doesn't mean he's going to drink.

Lessons I've learned from Gaelan and Julian.

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 Today was Julian's 8 week doctor's appointment.

Brith 10lbs and 21 inches
Today 16.1 lbs and 24 inches

Edit - Scale problem: make that 13 lbs, 11 oz

Thats 70 percentile in height and 98 77 percentile in weight.   I don't think we have to worry about a failure to thrive yet.
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